Collaborative Nutrition Initiatives Promote enhanced Patient Outcomes

Kristie L. Hartig, BSN, LVN, WCC, Mary S. McCarthy, PhD, RN, Nancy Perry, MS, RD, Janet Shannon, MS, RD, and Debbie Tindle, RD

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Discussion: Skeletal Mass Retention During Adulthood
Several of the conference speakers answer various questions on current issues in nutrition.
Lean Body Mass Loss With Age
Sarcopenia is an age-related loss in lean body mass accelerated by poor nutrition and physical inactivity. To counteract this loss...
Measurement of Lean Body Mass Using CT Scans
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Workshops: Sarcopenia and Obesity; Sarcopenia and Inflammation; Sarcopenia and Training
Read a brief synopsis of the three workshops offered at the meeting, on various topics related to aging and sarcopenia.

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