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Role of Malnutrition in Increasing Risk of Hospital Readmissions »
Screening and Assessment for Sarcopenia in Clinical Practice »
Strategies for Increasing Hospital Breastfeeding Rates in the U.S. »
The Connection Between Malnutrition and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults »
The History of Neonatology in the United States: A Century of Caring »
The Influence of Protein, Amino Acids, and Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) Supplementation with Strength Training and Muscle Development »
The transcultural diabetes nutrition algorithm toolkit: survey and content validation in the United States, Mexico, and Taiwan. »
The Transcultural Diabetes Nutrition Algorithm: A Canadian Perspective »
Transcultural diabetes nutrition algorithm (tDNA): Venezuelan application »

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Epigenetic programming is increasingly recognized as an important mechanism underlying health and disease. Exposure to diet, drugs...
How do you approach refeeding syndrome in your patients
Refeeding should start very slowly, with daily physical and nutritional assessments to prevent possible malnutrition.
Inflammation and Wasting in Chronic Kidney Disease: Partners in Crime
Nearly 4000 articles were published on inflammation in chronic kidney disease since the first reports in the late 1990s connecting...
Panel: The Clinical Challenges of Nutrition
Panelist: Marinos Elia, MD, FRCP, University of Southampton

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