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1st Hospital Nutrition State of the Art Summit, Manila, Philippines »
2009 PENSA Congress Summary »
4th International Conference on Cancer Nutrition Therapy 2013 »
Approach to Breast-feeding »
Best-Practice Nutrition Care Improves Patient Outcomes and Lowers Costs of Care »
Calorie Replacements: A Useful Tool to Support a Diabetes Weight Management Plan »
Celiac Disease »
Childhood Malnutrition: Prevention and Control at the National Level »
Clinical and Economic Outcomes of Nutrition Interventions across the Continuum of Care »
Clinical Assessment of Nutritional Status »

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Conference Overview and Debate on The Impact of Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition
Highlights from the closing Q&A between audience members and conference speakers
Evidence Supporting the Role of Specialized Nutrition in Recovery
Malnutrition is associated with illness, injury, and hospitalization. Malnutrition negatively impacts patient outcomes including ...
Pregnancy Nutrition and Later Health Outcomes
The purpose of this conference is to explore the impact of maternal nutrition and health on near term growth and development of th...
Speakers and Delegates Bios
Background on those featured in the 2009 Hot Topics Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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