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Calorie Replacements: A Useful Tool to Support a Diabetes Weight Management Plan »
Diabetes Mellitus »
Diabetes-specific nutrition algorithm: a transcultural program to optimize diabetes and prediabetes care »
Differences in resource utilization between patients with diabetes receiving glycemia-targeted specialized nutrition vs standard nutrition formulas in U.S. hospitals. »
Human Growth and Disease in Later Life »
Persistent Renal Disease »
The transcultural diabetes nutrition algorithm toolkit: survey and content validation in the United States, Mexico, and Taiwan. »
The Transcultural Diabetes Nutrition Algorithm: A Canadian Perspective »
Transcultural diabetes nutrition algorithm (tDNA): Venezuelan application »
Transcultural diabetes nutrition algorithm: a Malaysian application »

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Integrated Role of Nutrition Post-Hospital Discharge
Overview of the Transcultural Diabetes Nutrition Algorithm (tDNA)
The transcultural Diabetes Nutrition Algorithm (tDNA) is a clinical care pathway tool designed for the nutrition management of peo...

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