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Collaborative Nutrition Initiatives Promote enhanced Patient Outcomes »
Improving Outcomes in Chronic Diseases with Specialized Nutrition Intervention »
Screening and Assessment for Sarcopenia in Clinical Practice »
The Influence of Protein, Amino Acids, and Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) Supplementation with Strength Training and Muscle Development »

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Acquired Weakness in Critically Ill Patients
Critically ill patients often face the peculiar challenge of both skeletal and respiratory muscle wasting. The cause of lean body...
Impact of Nutrition on Lean Body Mass and Exercise Recovery in Athletes
For maximum increase in lean body mass, it is important to ingest macronutrients in specific cominations. furthermore, the import...
Medical Treatment: What To Expect in the Near Future
The wide range of mechanisms underlying muscle loss and weakening in sarcopenia presents numerous targets for drug therapy. This a...
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Panel Discussion
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