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Best-Practice Nutrition Care Improves Patient Outcomes and Lowers Costs of Care »
Clinical and Economic Outcomes of Nutrition Interventions across the Continuum of Care »
Preoperative Standard Oral Nutrition Supplements vs Immunonutrition: Results of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis »

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Clinical Nutrition Week (CNW) 2013
The 36th annual CNW conference is recognized as the premier conference for bridging the science and practice of clinical nutrition...
Community Malnutrition and the Role of Nutrition Intervention
Although malnutrition prevalence rates are lower among community dwelling persons compared to hospitalized patients, the absolute ...
Economic Evaluations in Healthcare: Overview, Policy and Uses
Health economic studies are used to improve health through rational decision making by focusing on financial information, such as ...
Integrated Role of Nutrition Post-Hospital Discharge
Integrated Role of Nutrition Post-Hospital Discharge

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