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Food Allergies in Infants: Can A Mother Prevent Them? »
Human Growth and Disease in Later Life »
International Nutrition »
Malnutrition and Host Defense »
Nutrition and Gene Expression »
Nutritional Anemias »
Strategies for Increasing Hospital Breastfeeding Rates in the U.S. »
Vitamin D in Health and Disease: A Hot Topic »

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Impact of Pregnancy Nutrition on Cognition
Nutrition plays an important role in supporting structural and functional growth of the human brain from conception, through child...
Impact of Pregnancy Nutrition on Offspring Bone Development
Several factors other than maternal vitamin D may independently predict neonatal bone mass in offspring, including season of birth...
Measuring the Impact of Nutrition on Cognitive Development
Human brain development begins at conception. However, the influence of nutrition on brain development begins before conception an...
Undernutrition and Overnutrition During Pregnancy in India: Dual Teratogenesis
A study conducted by Dr Yajnik in India has shown that a mother's abnormal micronutrient levels (low vitamin B12 and high folate) ...

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