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Clinical Evidence for the Role of Probiotics in Mucosal Immune Development and Impact on Respiratory Health and Allergy
Infections such as hepatitis A, mumps, and measles have decreased during the last 3 to 4 decades, whereas allergies and Th1 type d...
Flora-induced Immunoregulation of Allergic and Inflammatory Disease
Increasing evidence suggests that immunomodulatory molecules on the commensal microbiota play an important role in regulating immu...
Keynote Address: Mucosal Immunology: The Gateway to the Immune System
The conference keynote address, delivered by Per Brandtzaeg of the University of Oslo, provides an overview of the innate and adap...
Measuring the Impact of Nutrition on Cognitive Development
Human brain development begins at conception. However, the influence of nutrition on brain development begins before conception an...

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