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Cachexia in Cancer
Ingvar Bosaeus, MD, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Goteborg, Sweden
The metabolic events surrounding cachexia in cancer differ greatly from those in starvation, with muscle loss reflecting the forme...
Can We Afford to Ignore Fat Metabolism in Cancer Cachexia? – Dr. Höfler presents information on fat metabolism in cancer cachexia. He discusses an animal study where white adipose tissue (WAT...
Cancer Nutrition Therapy: Complex Patients and Early Intervention for Patients Undergoing Cancer Therapy – The International Conference on Cancer Nutrition Therapy provided a scientific platform for experts in the area of cancer nutritio...
Cancer Therapy, Cardiac Function and Cachexia – Similar clinical signs and symptoms are found in patients with heart failure and advanced cancer including easy fatigue, dyspnea, ...
Cognition and Nutrition – At Abbott Nutrition, we are committed to scientific leadership in the emerging field of cognition and nutrition in discovering way...

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