International Conference on Frailty and Sarcopenia Research (ICFSR):

April 29, 2017, Barcelona, Spain
Sarcopenia and Specialised Nutrition: Latest Scientific Evidence for Improving Clinical and Functional Outcomes

Barcelona, Spain

This symposium examines the latest scientific research into the impact of muscle loss on patient outcomes, and examines the role of specific nutrients which show promise in management of this important issue. New data on the role of specialised nutrition in improving health and functional outcomes in older adults are shared. Clinical experts on sarcopenia and nutrition science present research supporting the benefits of specialised oral nutritional supplements to maintain muscle function and physical performance in older adults.

Dr Ricardo Rueda opens the symposium explaining the role of skeletal muscle as a metabolic organ and an endocrine reservoir for protein, carbohydrate, and lipid, which can all be metabolized during caloric deficit.

Dr Landi translates these concepts to community-dwelling older adults, who are at risk for both “anorexia of aging” and sarcopenia, and shares evidence supporting the use of specialised oral nutritional supplements to mitigate sarcopenia.

Dr Cruz-Jentoft closes the symposium with a passionate call to our clinicians and the scientific community to build on the promising evidence at hand showing the value of specialised oral nutritional supplements to combat loss of lean mass in older, hospitalized patients, at even higher risk of sarcopenia, and following discharge.

Conference Videos
Suzette Pereira, PhD
Meet the Expert (04:33)
Carole Glencorse, BSc, RD
Meet the Expert (02:15)

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