Integrated Role of Nutrition Post-Hospital Discharge: A Scientific Roundtable Discussion

November 4, 2014,
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Role of Nutrition in Discharge: A Nursing Perspective

Andie Melendez, MSN, RN, CHTP, HTPC
Clinical Nurse Specialist, University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center
Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA

Nutrition has not historically been prioritized at patient discharge from acute care, and many patients with malnutrition are sent home with no follow up, resulting in complications and in many cases, readmission.

A poll was given to nurses attending the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses 2014 National Convention to determine current practice surrounding nutrition focus at patient discharge from acute care. The results were alarming, with 43.5% of the respondents not consistently incorporating nutrition into the discharge plan, and 84% lacking nutrition information in the discharge plan. Nursing must identify opportunities to maximize nutrition optimization, and enhance the electronic medical record to capture quality information to optimize nutrition support.

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