4th International Conference on Nutrition & Growth 2017, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Why Children’s Growth Matters in the 21st Century

Prof Moshe Phillip, MD
Institute for Endocrinology and Diabetes
Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel
Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv, Israel

Prof Phillip opens the symposium introducing the latest evidence on the physiology and biology of linear growth in the early years of life, and the role of nutrition to support healthy growth and development. He reviews the correlation between stature and health consequences, psychosocial well-being, cognitive performance, and socioeconomic status.

Conference Videos
Prof Moshe Phillip, MD
Prof Moshe Phillip, MD
Opening Remarks:
Why Children’s Growth Matters in the 21st Century (08:54)
Julian Lui, PhD
Kate Ward, PhD
Nutrition and Musculoskeletal Growth (34:21)
Robert E. Black, MD
Marion Aw, MD
Robert Murray, MD, FAAP
Malnutrition—The Child At-Risk (29:35)

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