The 111th Abbott Nutrition Research Conference

June 29–July 1, 2010 ,
Columbus, Ohio
Current Asthma Management: Opportunities for a Nutrition-Based Intervention

Stanley J. Szefler, MD
National Jewish Health, Denver, CO, USA Director, Weinberg Clinical Research Unit/Pediatrics Section Head, Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology

Several potential methods can improve asthma outcomes by directing a management concept to a personalized medicine approach, including early recognition and treatment of asthma, application of genetics and epigenetics to predict risk for developing persistent asthma, utilization of biomarkers to monitor disease activity, and the development of new approaches to manage inflammation, including immunomodulator therapy. Dr Szefler describes recent accomplishments in asthma management, some of the unmet needs in light of current management principles, and the potential role of nutrition in future asthma management.

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