Motivational Interviewing: Core Technique #3 – Roll with Resistance

About The Module:

Responding to patient resistance can be one of the most challenging parts of Motivational Interviewing. This technique helps you address these situations and make the patient generate the reasons for making a change. In this lesson, you will:

  • Learn about common emotions behind patient resistance, and how to handle them
  • See examples of tools that can help you "roll" with a resistant patient
  • Watch this technique in action in a clinical setting

Dr. Tracie Miller About The Speaker:

Julia Wacker, MSW, MPH
Program Manager, Mobile Medication Program
North Carolina Hospital Association Foundation
Certified, Motivational Interviewing Supervision and Consultation

Julia Wacker manages NCHA’s Mobile Medication Program, a community-based behavioral health initiative in rural North Carolina. Previously, Ms. Wacker managed Duke Children’s Healthy Lifestyles Clinic Office of Community Outreach, conducting childhood obesity prevention outreach and resident education in family-centered communication. Ms. Wacker is certified in motivational interviewing supervision and consultation, and since 2008, has trained medical and behavioral health professionals to use motivational interviewing in brief patient encounters, specifically in pediatrics. Ms. Wacker is the co-author of the American Board of Pediatrics’ Performance Improvement Module and self-assessment on motivational interviewing.

Committed to improving child health policies through physician advocacy, Ms. Wacker is the recipient of the Public Health Social Work Leadership Award and the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Award.

Ms. Wacker earned her Bachelors in Education Studies from the New School University and Masters in Social Work and Masters in Science in Public Health from UNC Chapel Hill.

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