Preconception Nutrition: Improving Outcomes for Mother and Baby

Program Date: March 2010
Continuing Education Units: Nurse 1.0 Contact Hours
This is the 1st module in a four part series on maternal nutrition. This module focuses on the importance of a healthy weight and balanced nutrition for women considering pregnancy. Suggestions are made for nutritional counseling of women preconceptually.

To present an overview of the importance of preconception nutrition.

Program Objectives:
* Review the recent dietary guidelines on the benefits of preparing women for pregnancy.

* Describe the risks of maternal pre-pregnancy weight for future maternal and fetal outcomes.

* Outline dietary and fitness strategies to optimize pregnancy outcomes.

* Review the risks of vitamin and mineral deficiencies for both mother and fetus.

Faculty Name:
Robert D. Murray, MD
Director, The Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Robert Murray has 21 years experience in pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition, three years experience in pediatric nutrition and four years experience in weight management. Dr. Murray's pirmary expertise is in obesity prevention, identification and treatment, along with issues related to school nutrition and health.

Program Date: March 2010

Program Expiration Date: March 2012

Media Format(s): Video(English)

Continuing Education Units: Nurse 1.0 Contact Hours

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