Obstetrical Nursing: Assisted Delivery and Cesarean Section

Publication Date: 2013
Program Date: August 10, 2017
Continuing Education Units: 1.0 Nurse Contact Hours
Some women experience no problem giving birth to their babies. Others have difficulty and need assistance. Common procedures used to assist a baby's birth include forceps delivery, vacuum extraction and cesarean section. This course provides an overview of these procedures and details the Labor and Delivery nurse's responsibilities in regards to forceps delivery, vacuum extraction and C-section. The course also discusses the nurse's role in patient education regarding these procedures.

Course Objectives:
  • List indications for assisted delivery
  • Define and describe the most common devices and techniques used in assisted delivery
  • Describe patient and equipment preparation procedures for C-section
  • Discuss the importance of patient education in emergent obstetrical situations

Media Format(s): Video (English)
Run Time: 20 Minutes

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