Nutrition and the Fetal Programming of Chronic Disease - Part 1

Program Date: June 2011
Continuing Education Units: Nurse 1.0 Contact Hours, Dietitian 1.0 CPEU
This is Part One of the 2nd module in Maternal Nutrition. The content of this program is based on the concept of fetal programming and the impact that nutrition has on the infant's metabolism throughout life.

To present evidence based information on the impact of an embryolical insult on fetal development.

Program Objectives:
* Describe the hypothesis that an insult to the embryo or fetus during gestation can alter the course of fetal development.

* Review the concept of a "critical period" in which nutrtion can affect the growing infant's metabolism for life.

* Discuss the studies supporting the concept of fetal programming.

Faculty Name:
Robert D. Murray, MD
Professor of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Robert Murray has more than 20 years experience in pediatric gastroenterology, nutrition and weight management. Dr. Murray's pirmary expertise is in obesity prevention, identification and treatment, along with issues related to school nutrition and health.

CDR Level: 1
Performance Indicators: 6.2.3,6.2.5,8.2.1 
Suggested Learning Codes: 2050,4150,5070,4180 

Media Format(s): Video(English)

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