Cultural Competence in Infant Nutrition

Program Date: August 2010
Continuing Education Units: Nurse 1.0 Contact, Dietitian 1.0 CPEU Hour
Ethnic groups maintain their cultural identities with their food practices, values, and beliefs. Cultural food practices are dynamic and ever-changing, with many traditions persisting with acculturation.

This program specifically addresses cultural differences related to infant nutrition.

Program Objectives:
* Define cultural competence.

* Identify key aspects of the culture and health beliefs that affect infant nutrition practices.

* Name and define three communication tools to provide effective culturally competent care.

Faculty Name: Lorena Drago, MS, RD, CDN, CDE

Title: Registered Dietitian, Consultant and Certified Diabetes Educator

Lorena Drago is a registered dietitian, consultant and certified diabetes educator. She specializes in the multicultural aspects of diabetes self-management education and is an expert in developing culturally and ethnically-oriented nutrition and diabetes education materials.

Lorena serves on the American Association of Diabetes Educators Board of Directors; Nominating Committee Chair of the Member Interest Group Latinos and Hispanics in Dietetics and Nutrition; and is the Chair-elect of the American Diabetes Association Latino Committee.

Program Date: August 2010

Media Format(s): Print (English)

Continuing Education Units: Nurse 1.0 Contact Hour, Dietitian 1.0 CPEU

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