Pediatric Currents: Oral Nutrition Supplements For Childhood Malnutrition

Program Date: September 2015

Continuing Education Units: 1.0 Nurse Contact Hours, 1.0 Dietitian CPEU
Course Objectives:
• Identify the pediatric populations who can benefit from Oral Nutrition Supplements (ONS) intervention.

• Determine some of the behaviors and characteristics of groups where ONS can enable improved growth and health.

• Identify the nutritional characteristics of ONS that enable improved growth.

• Present an overview of research on the effects of ONS intervention in target populations.

Faculty Name:
Jennifer A. Williams, MPH
Research Scientist in Pediatric Scientific and Medical Affairs
Abbott Nutrition
Columbus, Ohio

Jennifer A. Williams, MPH is a Research Scientist in Pediatric Scientific and Medical Affairs at Abbott Nutrition in Columbus Ohio. Jennifer provides global scientific support for pediatric formulas and assists Latin America, Europe and Middle East affiliates with scientific support. She is also responsible for conducting research in infant and pediatric formulas, publishes clinical research in peer-reviewed journals, serves as a consultant to other departments within Abbott, and presents scientific data at both internal and external venues.

Faculty Name:
Dieu Huynh, MD, PhD
Lead Scientist
Abbott Nutrition Research and Development
Asia Pacific Center

Dieu Huynh, MD, PhD previously worked as a nutrition consultant for pediatric patients and a public health researcher in the Nutrition Center of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam from 2001 to 2007. Dieu currently is the lead scientist in Clinical Research, Abbott Nutrition Research and Development, Asia Pacific Center in Singapore. She has led various clinical research projects in pediatric, pregnant and lactating women, and adult populations in the Asia Pacific region to study the impact of nutrition in promoting growth and health. She has published a number of papers on the childhood obesity problem in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and a few papers on the benefits of oral nutritional supplementations in post-discharge undernourished patients and nutritionally at-risk children in peer-reviewed journals.

CDR Level: 2

Suggested Learning Codes: 4150, 5000, 3000, 5070

Media Format(s): Article (English)

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