Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
How do I change my email address on the account?
I don’t see my hospital/center listed in the ANHI course registration after I enter my ZIP code. How should I register?
What healthcare provider (HCP) disciplines do you accredit for continuing education?
Why can’t I see my continuing education credits on my certificate?
I’m having trouble using the site.
When does a self-study expire?
Why doesn’t my course include CE credits?
What is the ANHI Certificate of Training program?
What steps do I need to take to receive an ANHI Certificate of Training?
Are there different requirements for each ANHI Certificate of Training?
How do I find out what courses I’ve completed and claimed credit for?
Can nurses earn a certificate of training on ANHI?
I don’t have access to a sales representative. Do I have to complete a group program to complete my certificate of training?
Will I earn a certificate for each of the hours I’ve completed?
I see that there is a self-study course and group program with the same title. Can I complete both and claim credit for each one?
How do I print my CE certificate for a self-study course I’ve already completed?
How do I print my CE certificate for a group program?
I wasn’t able to attend a webinar. How can I still earn the 7 credit hours required for the Adult Malnutrition Certificate of Training program?
Do you offer live CE programs?
I wasn’t able to attend a live event. Will you offer it as a self-study or group program?
May I claim CE credit for a live event I attended in the past for an ANHI certificate of training program?
How do I print my Certificate of Training now that I’ve completed all the requirements?
What’s the difference between a certification and a Certificate of Training?
Who developed ANHIs Certificate of Training programs?