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Blenderized Tube Feeding: Current Practices and Future Outlook
Lisa Epp, RDN, LD, CNSC, Mayo Clinic, Home Enteral Nutrition, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Mayo School of Health Sciences Rochester, Minnesota, USA
An increase in consumer desire for more natural, organic, and non-genetically modified products has led to an increased desire to ...
Can We Use Blood Biomarkers to Identify Patients Who Benefit from Nutrition Support?
Filomena Gomes, PhD, RD, University Department of Internal Medicine, Kantonsspital, Aarau, Switzerland
There is uncertainty regarding which patients will benefit from intensive nutrition therapy, especially in the polymorbid inpatien...
Hear from Kelly Tappenden
Kelly A. Tappenden, PhD, RD, FASPEN, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Human Nutrition Urbana, Illinois, USA
What are the clinical benefits of a low-FODMAP diet? Dr. Tappenden reviews how short term use of this restricted diet can help all...
Hear from Lisa Epp
Lisa Epp, RDN, LD, CNSC, Mayo Clinic Home Enteral Nutrition Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Mayo School of Health Sciences Rochester, Minnesota, USA
Which patients can benefit from blenderized tube feeding (BTF)? Ms Epp discusses resources available to clinicians, and the need f...
Hear from Osama Hamdy
Osama Hamdy, MD, PhD, FACE, Joslin Diabetes Center Harvard Medical School Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Is a structured meal plan more beneficial than a fluid meal plan for people with diabetes? Dr Hamdy summarizes recent study result...
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Approach to Breast-feeding
Ruth Lawrence, MD Robert M. Lawrence, MD
Childhood Malnutrition: Prevention and Control at the National Level
Gerardo Weisstaub, MD, MSc Magdalena Araya, MD, PhD Ann Hill, PhD Ricardo Uauy, MD, PhD
Clinical Assessment of Nutritional Status
Asim Maqbool, MD Irene E. Olsen, PhD, RD Virginia A. Stallings, MD
Diarrheal Diseases
Tyler Burpee, MD Christopher Duggan, MD, MPH

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