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Collaborative Nutrition Initiatives Promote enhanced Patient Outcomes »
Improving Outcomes in Chronic Diseases with Specialized Nutrition Intervention »
Screening and Assessment for Sarcopenia in Clinical Practice »
The Influence of Protein, Amino Acids, and Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) Supplementation with Strength Training and Muscle Development »

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Discussion: Effects of Metabolic Stress on Lean Body Mass
Several conference speakers address their views on how metabolic stress affects lean body mass in older adults.
Medical Treatment: What To Expect in the Near Future
The wide range of mechanisms underlying muscle loss and weakening in sarcopenia presents numerous targets for drug therapy. This a...
Speakers and Delegates Bios
Background on those featured in the 2009 Hot Topics Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland.
The Role of Nutrition in Accretion: Retention and Recovery of Lean Body Mass
The purpose of this conference is to explore the underlying nutrition mechanisms controlling muscle quality and quantity. For the ...

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