May 9, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic
Overweight and Obesity—Pediatric Nutrition Matters

Dan Nemet, MD, MHA
Professor of Pediatrics
Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Preventing and managing pediatric overweight and obesity is a global public health problem. Opening with the alarming prevalence of “1 in 5 children worldwide is overweight or obese,” Dr Nemet explains that obesity is a normal response to an abnormal environment. He reviews pediatric obesity comorbidities such as diabetes and depression, the healthcare and economic burden of obesity, and presents approaches to prevent and manage overweight and obesity in children.

Dr Nemet recommends an hour of moderate physical activity per day, and discusses the shocking effect that just an extra 150 kcals per day may have on a child’s body weight over the course of a year. Diagnostic screening to identify children at risk should begin as early as 2 years of age. Nutrition counseling should be provided to children and their caregivers to promote positive behavioral change strategies and improve long term health.

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Dan Nemet, MD, MHA
Dan Nemet, MD, MHA
Overweight and Obesity
Sanja Kolaček, MD, PhD, MSc
Larry Williams MD
Abbott Nutrition

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