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Rebecca Heller, PhD, RD

Medical Science Liaison
Abbott Nutrition
Columbus, OH, USA

Rebecca Heller is a Medical Science Liaison at Abbott Nutrition. She is a part of Scientific and Medical Affairs specializing in Pediatric Nutrition. Dr Heller works as a field-based scientist to support the research objectives in Pediatric Nutrition, provide education to healthcare professionals, and assist in identifying and developing relationships with key opinion leaders.

Dr Heller received her bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics, at Rutgers University where she conducted research on food marketing effects on children’s food perceptions. She completed her dietetic internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital with clinical staff relief experience at Weill Cornell Medical, Columbia Medical, and Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital sites. She also obtained her Master of Science and PhD from the University of Connecticut in Nutritional Sciences with a concentration in Statistics. Her research focused on optimal feeding practices during birth to 2 years for improving health outcomes in children.

Dr Heller has worked as a Clinical Dietitian specializing in Critical Care at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in New Jersey. She has also worked as a Research Manager at Rutgers University managing a multi-state research intervention to improve nutrition and physical activity behaviors in preschool aged children; Research Assistant at the University of Connecticut leading research teams in applied nutrition studies to optimize feeding practices for birth to 2 years and preschool aged children; and Research Associate at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity conducting research on nutritional indices and health claims for infant and toddler formula and foods, and children’s snack foods.

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