Image of  Leah Gramlich, MD, FRCP.

Leah Gramlich, MD, FRCP

Professor of Medicine 
University of Alberta 
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 
Dr Leah Gramlich is a physician, nutritionist specialist and Gastroenterologist. She is a Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta with a cross appointment in Agriculture Life and Environmental Science. She is also Provincial Medical Advisor for Nutrition Services in Alberta Health Services. 
Dr Gramlich is dedicated to patient care and has an evolving interest in food for health and in empowering health practitioners with the tools to meet patient needs relative to food and activity for health. She developed “Wellness Rx” an educational approach for undergraduate health professionals focused on nutrition and activity. She is the medical co-lead for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery in Alberta. Her other research interests include nutrition and cancer, nutrition in critical illness, nutrition therapy in the home and nutrition education. She is past president and founding president of the Canadian Nutrition Society. She has sat on the board of directors of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition and is current chair of the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force.

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