Living Well with Cancer: The Power of Nutrition

Program Date: October 2011
Continuing Education Units: Nurse 1.0 Contact Hours, Dietitian 1.0 CPEU

Course Description:

Those who may have participated in the live version of this program cannot receive additional credit for participating in this self-study course.

Course Objectives:

  • Review the incidence and prevalence of malnutrition and lean body mass and associated causes in patients with cancer.
  • Illustrate how a decline in nutritional status and muscle can affect cancer patient’s ability to tolerate and complete treatment.
  • Recognize the importance of early nutrition intervention in cancer patients to preserve muscle and strength.
  • Discuss steps to improve nutritional status and quality of life of cancer patients.
  • CDR Level: 1
  • Suggested Learning Codes: 2070, 2100, 3020, 4050, 5090, 5150
  • Media Format(s): Video (English)
  • Run Time: 40 Minutes

Course Instructor Bio(s)

Joanne B. Dragun, MD, FACRO

Director of Oncology
21st Century
Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Dragun began her career as a Registered Dietitian practicing in cardiac and then cancer and hospice nutritional counseling before pursuing her medical degree and board certification in Radiation Oncology. She has held several clinical faculty positions as well as medical leadership roles in oncology hospitals and community committees and foundations. Currently, Dr. Dragun is the medical director of Radiation Oncology at 21st Century Oncology, a multidisciplinary cancer center In Jacksonville, Fl.


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