Essential Lean Body Mass: Vital for Life, Recovery and Healing

Program Date: December 2009
Continuing Education Units: Nurse 1.0 Contact Hours, Dietitian 1.0 CPEU

Course Description:

This presentation will highlight the vital functions of lean body mass and explore the causes of lean mass decline. The mechanisms of sarcopenia, cachexia and wasting will be discussed, compared and contrasted. In addition, the participant will learn about ways to identify individuals who have lost lean body mass with use of clinical and functional indicators.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe lean body mass and physiological roles of lean body mass.
  • Describe the mechanisms and consequences of loss of lean body mass.
  • Compare and contrast sarcopenia, cachexia and wasting.
  • Define clinical and functional indicators of the loss of lean body mass.
  • CDR Level: 2
  • Suggested Learning Codes: 2070, 2110, 3030, 4190, 5050, 5090, 5100, 5150
  • Media Format(s): Video (English)

Course Instructor Bio(s)

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Tracy Smith, PhD, RD, LD

Manager, Science Programs
Abbott Nutrition Health Institute

Dr. Tracy Smith is Manager of Science Programs at the Abbott Nutrition Health Institute in Columbus, Ohio, U.S. Dr. Smith obtained two degrees from Ohio University: a Bachelor of Science in dietetics and a Master of Science in nutrition, and went on to obtain a PhD in human nutrition from The Ohio State University.

Prior to joining Abbott Nutrition, Dr. Smith was Director and Assistant Professor of dietetics at Zane State College, a lecturer in the nutrition department at The Ohio State University, and adjunct faculty in the school of nursing at Capital University. In addition, her clinical background includes work in intensive and cardiac care as well as diabetes and oncology. She also developed and conducted community wellness and nutrition programs, including adult and child weight management and hospital-based fitness programs. Dr. Smith is a frequent speaker and lecturer for Abbott Nutrition.


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