Comparison of ASPEN/SCCM and ESPNIC Pediatric Critical Care Nutritional Guidelines

Program Date: 26 May 2020
Publication Date: 26 May 2020
Continuing Education Units: Nurse Contact: 1.0; Dietitian CPEU: 1.0

Course Description:

In this course, you’ll review and compare the 2017 ASPEN/SCCM and 2020 ESPNIC critical care guideline recommendations; evaluate the scientific evidence used to support the guideline recommendations; and determine appropriate application of new guidelines to clinical practice. Originally presented as a live webinar on May 26, 2020.

Course Objectives:

•Review and compare the 2017 ASPEN/SCCM and 2020 ESPNIC critical care guideline recommendations.
•Evaluate the scientific evidence used to support the guideline recommendations.
•Determine appropriate application of new guidelines to clinical practice.
  • CDR Level: 1
  • Performance Indicators: 6.2.3, 6.2.5, 8.1.5, 8.3.5
  • Run Time: 59

Course Instructor Bio(s)

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Sascha Verbruggen, MD, PhD

Pediatric Intensive Care
Sophia Children’s Hospital
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Dr. Sascha Verbruggen works as attending staff in the Department of Pediatric Intensive Care, ErasmusMC - Sophia Children’s Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He is a clinician-scientist focusing on nutrition and metabolism in critical illness, with a special interest on the long-term consequences for critically ill children. In 2007-2008 Dr Verbruggen worked as research fellow in nutrition and metabolism at the Children Nutrition Research Center (CNRC), and the PICU of the Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, Texas, USA. After his return to Rotterdam, he began his pediatric clinical work in the Pediatric ICU of the Erasmus MC – Sophia children’s hospital, while continuing his research in the field of nutrition & metabolism in critically ill children. This led to his PhD “Protein, Energy, and their Interaction in Critically Ill Children” in December 2010. Together with Prof. Dr. KFM Joosten, he has established a nutrition and metabolic research unit, with ongoing research regarding nutrition and metabolism in critically ill children at the Erasmus MC – Sophia Children’s Hospital. Since 2018 he is the chair of the Metabolism and Nutrition section of ESPNIC.
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Penni Davila Hicks, PhD, RD, LD

Medical Science Liaison
Department of Medical Affairs
Abbott Nutrition
Columbus, OH, USA
Penni Hicks is a Medical Science Liaison at Abbott Nutrition, in the department of Medial Affairs and Research and Development at Abbott Nutrition. Prior to joining Abbott, Dr. Hicks was an Instructor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, where her research focused on the use of stable isotopes to measure nutrient metabolism along with using body composition techniques and other anthropometric tools to assess growth in premature infants, term infants and children. She has numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Woman’s University and Rice University.

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