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  • New mother gingerly holds her baby against her chest.
    Neonatal and Infant Clinical Challenges 2024
    Presented by Andrea Mangino MS, CCC-SLP & Lyssa Lamport MS, RDN, CDN & Vita Boyar MD, CPE, FAAP, CWSP, FABWH
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Andrea Mangino MS, CCC-SLP

Andrea Mangino, MS, CCC-SLP, is the Manager of Pediatric Speech Language Pathology at Cohen Children’s Medical Center and LIJ Hearing and Speech Center. While there, she developed and continues to improve the pediatric inpatient and outpatient feeding and swallowing program. Andrea is a pediatric specialist in feeding and swallowing disorders with advanced training in clinical/instrumental assessment and management of infant and pediatric dysphagia. She is recognized as an expert in swallowing/feeding across the continuum of pediatric settings, including neonates, medically fragile infants, and children with tracheostomy. Andrea provides lectures on topics including neonatal and pediatric dysphagia, and feeding in the NICU, as well as related topics including speech and swallowing for patients with craniofacial anomalies.

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Lyssa Lamport MS, RDN, CDN

Lyssa Lamport is the Neonatal Nutritionist at Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York. Although based out of Cohen Children’s Medical Center, she serves as a consulting nutritionist for some of their outlying NICU’s as well as the coordinator of their Neonatal Malnutrition Team and the Neonatal Intestinal Rehabilitation Team. Along with the lactation team she assisted in developing their human milk nutrition room. She has participated in numerous nutrition related studies including trials of Omegaven, SMOF, Prolacta, and the head-to-head human milk fortifier trial. She has also conducted her own research looking at neonatal refeeding syndrome, post-discharge outcomes of using human milk fortifier, ferritin approach to timing and dosing iron supplementation, osmolality feeding safety, the impact of pulmonary hypertension on growth and obstetrician knowledge of the nutritional impact of gastric bypass on pregnancy and supplementary iron needs of preterm infants. She has also served as one of the reviewers of the first American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Neonatal Nutrition Handbook.

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Dr. Vita Boyar, an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Zucker School of Medicine, Hofstra University is a Board-Certified Neonatologist and a Certified Wound Specialist Physician, practicing both neonatology and wound care at Cohen Children’s Medical Center of NY, Northwell Health System. She is an Associate Director of Northwell Neonatal Services and a medical director of the level 4 regional neonatal intensive care unit.

Dr. Boyar is a member of the Society for Pediatric Research. Her wound research interests include antimicrobial products in neonatal population, skin maturation and wounds healing. Her quality improvement projects have focused on care of extremely preterm neonates, hypothermia and NICU neurodevelopmental environment. Dr. Boyar has published extensively and is a reviewer for various journals and has consulted international/national NICUs and pediatric units on neonatal skin team building. Her work has won various awards and has been featured on the show Good Morning America.

Dr. Boyar is a board member of International Society of Pediatric Wound Care, as well as member of the Association for the American Academy of Pediatrics, Advancement of Wound Care, American Professional Wound Care Association.


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