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  • Refeeding Syndrome-Webinar
    ​​Nutrition Management of Refeeding Syndrome In the Critically Ill Child​
    Presented by Luise Marino, Lyssa Lamport
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Luise Marino, PhD, RD

Clinical Academic Pediatric Dietitian
Southampton Children's Hospital
Southampton, England, UK

Luise joined Southampton Children’s Hospital in 2013, working clinically in Neonatal/Pediatric Intensive Care and Cardiology. Prior to this she spent 15 years working in various academic hospitals in South Africa, of which four years were spent as the dietetic manager at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, in Cape Town.

Following her return to the UK, she completed a PhD fellowship at Imperial College London, considering the role of HSP70 and the relationship to glutamine in the critically ill child. Luise has a HEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic Fellowship considering “Growth and nutrition of infants with congenital heart disease: development of guidelines and a digital home monitoring program to support families”. She is the current Chair of the British Dietetic Association Pediatric Cardiology Interest Group. Luise has published several peer reviewed articles and book chapters and is involved in collaborative research projects within the Children’s Hospital.

Luise’s research interest aims to characterize the nutritional journey of infants and children with acute and chronic disease with a focus on those with congenital heart disease, and how the development of pragmatic pathways for nutritional rehabilitation could promote healthy growth and reduce parental stress.
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Lyssa Lamport is the Neonatal Nutritionist at Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York. Although based out of Cohen Children’s Medical Center, she serves as a consulting nutritionist for some of their outlying NICU’s as well as the coordinator of their Neonatal Malnutrition Team and the Neonatal Intestinal Rehabilitation Team. Along with the lactation team she assisted in developing their human milk nutrition room. She has participated in numerous nutrition related studies including trials of Omegaven, SMOF, Prolacta, and the head-to-head human milk fortifier trial. She has also conducted her own research looking at neonatal refeeding syndrome, post-discharge outcomes of using human milk fortifier, ferritin approach to timing and dosing iron supplementation, osmolality feeding safety, the impact of pulmonary hypertension on growth and obstetrician knowledge of the nutritional impact of gastric bypass on pregnancy and supplementary iron needs of preterm infants. She has also served as one of the reviewers of the first American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Neonatal Nutrition Handbook.


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