For more than 50 years, the Abbott Nutrition Research Conference (ANRC) has brought together key experts and clinicians from around the globe to discuss scientific advances in nutrition. On June 22, 2021, for the first time, the conference was broadcasted live. Watch interviews featuring global experts as they review a series of topics from the conference.


The Future of Nutrition Intervention to Address Malnutrition and Muscle Loss

In this video, Philip Atherton, PhD, AFHEA, will explain the general role that muscle has with whole body health.

Malnutrition, Muscle Loss, and Body Composition

Watch Maria Cristina Gonzalez, MD, PhD, discuss the clinical implications of malnutrition and muscle mass loss and review recent advances in clinical tools to assess body compositions.

What the COVID-19 Pandemic Reveals about Malnutrition, Muscle Loss, and Immunity

Francesco Landi, MD, PhD, addresses current evidence on nutritional management in patients with COVID-19 and its translation into practical guidance for clinicians who care for these patients.

The Future of Body Composition Testing

In this video, Jeroen Molinger, MSc, will review available body composition testing strategies in research and routine practice, including the use of ultrasound to measure muscle mass.

Muscle Loss: Prevalence and Consequences

Carla M. Prado, PhD, RD, shares the importance of translating research into clinical practice to screen and assess all patients for malnutrition and low muscle mass.

The Future of Muscle in Immunity

Watch as PD Dr med Tobias Ruck, MD, explains the role of muscle and nutrition in immune health.


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