Breastfeeding Your Baby

​​This series is designed to help you succeed as a breastfeeding family. We will describe the health benefits of breastfeeding, explain what you can do to prepare to breastfeed, show you how to establish a good milk supply in the first two weeks, discuss the safe storage of breastmilk, and review how family members and the healthcare team can help.​

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Breastfeeding Your Baby Introduction

The first of nine videos in our breastfeeding education series, designed for breastfeeding families.

Preparing to Breastfeed

Learn with whom to speak with about your decision to breastfeed, the benefits of the golden hour, and ways a lactation consultant or others can assist you.

States of Alertness – The Best Times for Feeding

This video shows the six states of alertness that babies experience in order to help you know the best time to feed your baby.

How to Breastfeed

​​This video will describe how to get started breastfeeding, positions to use, how to ensure a proper latch, and how mother’s milk changes over time.​

Pumping and Storing Breast Milk

This video explains how to pump and store breast milk safely for later use.

Getting to Know Your Baby’s Feeding Schedule

A video with practical tips for when and how to establish a feeding schedule for your baby.

Bowel Movements

This video describes the different stages of bowel movements that a breastfed baby will likely have.

Mom Care

This video describes the ways new breastfeeding moms can care for themselves.

Asking for Help – When to Call Your Healthcare Provider

​​In this video, we’ll describe potential signs and symptoms that signal you should call your healthcare provider.​