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Osama Hamdy, MD, PHD, FACE

Associate Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA, USA

Osama Hamdy, MD, PhD is a world expert and recognized thought leader in area obesity and nutrition in diabetes. Dr. Hamdy is a senior endocrinologist and Medical Director of the Joslin Obesity Clinical Program and Director of the International Medical Affairs of Joslin Diabetes Center. He is also an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Plus, his 38 years of extensive clinical experience, he is very active in nutrition and obesity clinical research. His lab led to many innovations and discoveries that changed how we currently mange obesity in patients with either type 2 or type 1 diabetes and incorporated in National and International Guidelines.

Dr. Hamdy research led to the first landmark discovery that 7% weight loss in obese patients with and without diabetes significantly improve vascular endothelial function, insulin sensitivity and markers of inflammation. This improvement may eventually prevent progression to coronary artery disease. Dr. Hamdy was a co-investigator in two major US studies: the "Diabetes Prevention Program" and "the Look AHEAD Study." In 2005, Dr. Hamdy founded the "Weight Achievement and Intensive Treatment (Why WAIT) program, which is currently implemented nationally and internationally with great success. His program helps patients with diabetes to be less dependent on diabetes medications. In 2022, Dr. Hamdy and team created the world's first Diabetes Remission Outcome Protocol (DROP) that combines advanced nutrition techniques with technology. Dr. Hamdy co-chaired the task force that developed the global transcultural Diabetes Nutrition Algorithm (tDNA).

Dr. Hamdy joined Joslin Diabetes Center in 1998, where he founded the obesity clinical program and restructured the inpatient diabetes program. Dr. Hamdy won the 2015 Michaela Madan Award of the American Diabetes Association for his research on long-term diabetes weight management. He was given the Compassionate Caregiver Award of the Kenneth Schwartz Center. Dr. Hamdy has more than 150 peer-reviewed original articles, reviews, and book chapters. He is also the author of the Harvard Health Publication "The Diabetes Breakthrough" reversing diabetes through weight management. He is on the editorial review board of many medical journals including Lancet, JAMA, British Medical Journal, Diabetes Care and 2 times section editor of Nutrients and Current Diabetes Report and also associate editor of Frontiers in Nutrition.


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