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Founder and Owner
This InspiRD Life

Jeanne Hendricks is a highly regarded Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Board Certified Sports Dietitian, dynamic speaker, and skilled educator with a comprehensive background in the areas of nutrition, health and wellness.

A sought-after expert, she is known for her ability to develop and execute high-impact educational curricula, programming, and webinars that translate science into practice. Jeanne has also dedicated the last decade of her career to supporting thousands of clients by providing patient-centered medical nutrition therapy, lifestyle medicine and performance nutrition counseling in both individual and group settings. Jeanne is trained in motivational interviewing and behavior change practices and is passionate about helping others reach their full health, wellness, and performance potential through science-based, realistic, and sustainable lifestyle change.

Jeanne has also developed and contributed to dozens of healthy cooking videos and media appearances that highlight approachable cooking strategies that support optimal health and well-being. As a featured expert in healthy cooking and food prep, Jeanne not only brings her knowledge to the forefront but also radiates a genuine enthusiasm for making nutritious choices a feasible and enjoyable part of everyday life.

In addition to her work as a clinician and educator, Jeanne also serves as a clinical project manager, content creator and speaker for Abbott Nutrition Health Institute, working with world leaders in the field of nutrition research to create continuing education and patient-facing digital content that translates scientific knowledge into practice applications.

Jeanne lives in Rhode Island with her husband, her two daughters, and their dog buddy. In her free time, you can find Jeanne in her kitchen testing out new recipes, enjoying outdoor activities with her family and friends, exploring local farm stands, or enjoying a cup of coffee while reading cookbooks at the local bookstore.


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