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Rafael Salto, PhD is full professor and department head for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II at the School of Pharmacy at the University of Granada in Granada, Spain. There, he is also the coordinator for the PhD program in Pharmacy.

Dr. Salto also leads the Genetic and Biochemical Regulation of Metabolism research group. Their group has a strong background in molecular biology techniques including protein engineering, expression of wild-type and mutated proteins, and the silencing of eukaryotic organisms in novel ways to address biologicals issues (including the molecular basis of the nutrients regulatory functions, cell signaling, oral antidiabetic agents, the development of systems for the in vivo detection of metabolites and ions, and the development of eukaryotic transfection and drug delivery agents driven by specific cell receptor).

He has published 72 peer-reviewed articles and has been the principal investigator for more than 10 research projects. He has contributed to several book chapters. He is highly innovative and is the recipient of 8 patents.

He is a former board member of the Spanish Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society. Dr Salto has also organized two of their scientific meetings (2000, 2014).


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