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Kate A Ward, PhD

Kate Ward is an associate professor at the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit at the University of Southampton, UK. She is also a principal research fellow in the Global Nutrition Research Group in Southampton and an honorary senior scientist at the MRC Nutrition and Bone Health Group, Cambridge, UK. A biologist by training, Dr Ward has been a researcher in translational/clinical bone physiology since 1993.

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Ola Nilsson, MD, PhD

Ola Nilsson is a Professor and Senior Consultant at Örebro University and Örebro University Hospital in Sweden. He is also Associate Professor and Consultant Physician in pediatric endocrinology at Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. Dr Nilsson is an active investigator in the field of growth and skeletal disorders and has lead clinical trials for a number of putative pediatric treatments.


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