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Director, General Intensive Care
Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson Hospital
Professor, Sackler School of Medicine
Tel Aviv University, Israel

Dr Singer has over 30 years of clinical and academic experience. He currently maintains appointments as the Director of the General Intensive Care department, head of the Institute of Nutrition Research (2006-present) at Rabin Medical Center, and Director of the Metabolism laboratory at the Felsenstein Medical Research Center and Clinical. He was the Chairman of the Israel Society for Clinical Nutrition (ISCN) from 2005-2009, and Chairman of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) (2010-2014). Dr Singer has supervised more than 50 clinical and academic research theses.

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Associate Professor
Catholic University of Rome, School of Medicine
Geriatrics Department, A. Gemelli University Hospital
Rome, Italy

Dr Landi is Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at the Catholic University of Rome, School of Medicine. Contributions to advance scientific knowledge and medical practice include active involvement in research and the application to patient care. Main research interests are in geriatric assessment, nutritional problems, sarcopenia, models of health services for elderly care, and geriatric pharmaco-epidemiology. Dr Landi serves on the Scientific Committee of the Italian Geriatric Society, on the Editorial Board of several international geriatric journals, and as a peer reviewer for numerous international medical journals. He has acted as the Principal Investigator in many multicenter national and international trials. In addition, he is a member of national and international expert groups that work on guidelines in the field of nutrition, sarcopenia and functionality in older adults. Dr Landi has over 200 peer-reviewed original papers in international medical journals, many of which are in the area of frailty and functional status of older people. He is particularly interested in the role of nutrition as part of the integrated care of older adults and participated in the development of the European consensus on sarcopenia definition and diagnosis.


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