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Clinical Professor of Medicine at Rutgers/New Jersey Medical School
Metabolic Medicine Consultants
West Orange, NJ

Dr. Rothkopf is a renowned, board-certified physician nutrition specialist. He has been on the staff of multiple hospitals and medical schools and is currently a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Rutgers/New Jersey Medical School.

He founded the Metabolic Medicine Center at Morristown Medical Center in 2008. He has been on the board of the National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists since 2012 and was previously President. He was a board member and national conference chairman for the American College of Nutrition between 2011-2015. He is the Medical Director of the nutritional medicine e-learning site, RX-Nutrition.

Dr. Rothkopf has had a lifelong fascination with human metabolism and participated in important research on its understanding. He was a member of the Columbia University research group on nutrition and the respiratory system, including the early use of omega-3 fatty acids. He was a co-investigator on the use of arginine-enhanced enteral nutrition formulations for intensive care unit patients. He participated in studies on human growth hormone for pulmonary cachexia and AIDS wasting syndrome. He has authored 4 textbooks and over 100 scientific publications (with an impact score in the 90th percentile). Check out the latest book by Dr. Rothkopf, Optimizing Metabolic Status for the Hospitalized Patient: The Role of Macro- and Micronutrition on Disease Management, here.


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