Good Nutrition Across the Lifespan is Foundational for Healthy Aging and Sustainable Development

Publish Date: 24 January 2023
Author(s): Leocadio Rodríguez-Mañas, MD
Robert Murray, MD
Carole Glencorse, BSC, RD
Suela Sulo, PhD, MS


Ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing across the age spectrum are essential to sustainable development. Nutrition is at the heart of the World Health Organization (WHO) Sustainable Development Goals, particularly for Sustainable Development Goal 2/Subgoal 2, “End all forms of malnutrition by 2030.” This PERSPECTIVE article takes a life-course approach to consider what is needed to address risk of malnutrition and why, and to examine how good nutrition across the lifespan can contribute to healthy aging.

Author Bios

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Service of Geriatrics
Getafe University Hospital and CIBER on Frailty and Healthy Aging (CIBERFES)
Getafe, Spain
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Professor of Pediatrics, Pediatric GI & Nutrition
The Ohio State University College of Medicine
Columbus, OH, USA

Dr. Robert Murray has been a leader in the ANHI-sponsored Growth Ambassador Program for several years. He has helped lead discussions around the importance of identifying, assessing and treating children at risk of growth faltering with optimal nutrition for catch-up growth during our annual Growth Summits. You can watch his presentations: Working as a Team to Solve Pediatric Growth Challenges and Leaving as a Growth Ambassador on (password: GrowthLeaders) or on 

Dr. Murray spent more than 20 years in the field of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition in The Ohio State University School of Medicine. He served as the Pediatric Nutrition Medical Director for Abbott from 2003-2006. For ten years, Dr. Murray was a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Council on School Health, serving as chair in the final four years. He is a board member of Action for Healthy Kids as well as a board member of the Children’s Hunger Alliance, and previously served on the Board of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation. Dr. Murray is a past-President of the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Abbott Scientific & Medical Affairs
Maidenhead, England, UK
Carole Glencorse is the Area Medical Director for Abbott’s nutrition business in the Europe region and has 30 years’ experience in clinical nutrition. Carole is a Registered Dietitian and attained her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. Prior to joining Abbott, Carole worked in the UK’s National Health Service for 13 years managing the complex nutritional needs of adults and children requiring artificial nutritional support on the intensive care, burns, gastroenterology and surgical units. Carole is actively involved in initiatives to raise awareness of the need to identify and treat adult and paediatric malnutrition through engagement with national and international industry groups, professional associations and government bodies, including the development of screening tools and care pathways.
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Director, Global HEOR & Policy
Abbott Nutrition
Columbus, Ohio

Suela Sulo, Ph.D. is a health outcomes researcher and currently leads the Health Economics, Outcomes Research, and Policy work for Abbott’s global nutrition research and development. Since joining Abbott in 2016, Suela has helped design and disseminate numerous research studies and quality improvement programs, which support the development of pathways to care for at-risk or malnourished patients across different healthcare settings and demonstrate the impact of nutrition interventions on improving process, patient outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs.

Prior to joining Abbott, Suela was the manager of Patient Centered Outcomes Research for the largest healthcare system in Illinois, where amongst conducting research studies and programs in different therapeutic areas, she also led the efforts to implement a nutrition-focused quality improvement program developed to reduce 30-day readmissions, length of stay, and costs in hospitalized patients. This program has been implemented in hundreds of hospital systems across US and outside of the US, and has contributed to important advancements in nutrition policies.

Suela received a Bachelor and Master of Science in Psychology and Counseling from University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership with concentration in Healthcare and Human Services from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA.


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