Reconsidering Feeding Difficulties in Clinical Practice

Programme Date: 7 June 2022
Publication Date: 27 October 2022

Course Description:

In this course, Mauro Fisberg, MD, PhD will review the current definition and prevalence of feeding difficulties in children >1 year of age; examine risk factors for feeding difficulties; identify potential nutritional consequences; and discuss management strategies for feeding difficulties. Originally presented as a live webinar on June 7, 2022.

Course Objectives:

• Review the current definition and prevalence of feeding difficulties in children >1 year of age. 
• Examine risk factors for feeding difficulties and guidance for identifying feeding difficulties in clinical practice for children >1 year of age. 
• Identify potential nutritional consequences of feeding difficulties. 
• Discuss management strategies for feeding difficulties.
  • Run Time: 47

Course Instructor Bio(s)

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Associate Professor, Pediatrics 
Federal University of Sao Paulo 
Coordinator, Feeding Difficulties Center – Pensi Institute 
Sabará Children’s Hospital 
Jarinu, Brazil
Dr Mauro Fisberg is a pediatrician and nutrologist and senior associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics in the Escola Paulista de Medicina at Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo. He received his medical degree from the Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo. Dr Fisberg is currently coordinator of the Excellence Center for Nutrition and Feeding Difficulties – PENSI Institute – Jose Luiz E. Setubal Foundation – Sabara Children’s Hospital; Scientific Coordinator of the Healthy Life Style Task Froce, ILSI Brazil; PI (Chair) of Estudio Latino Americano de Nutricion y Salud (ELANS) and Estudo Brasileiro de Nutricao e Saude (EBANS) (Latin American and Brazilian study of nutrition and health); member of the Department of Nutrology of the Brazilian Pediatric Society; and Coordinator of the Feeding Difficulties Task Force of the Sociedad Latinoamericana de Gastroenterologia Hepatologia y Nutricion Pediatrica (SLAGHNP). He is also an alumnus of the United Nations University’s World Hunger Program and the Kellogg Foundation’s Partners of the Americas Leadership Program. Dr Fisberg specialises in adolescent nutrition, childhood obesity, food intake and consumption, anemia, and nutritional intervention.

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