GLIM Consensus Paper on Diagnosing Malnutrition

Publish Date: 4 September 2018
Author(s): Core leadership committee: GL Jensen, C Compher, T Cederholm, A Van Gossum, I Correia, MC Gonzalez, R Fukushima, T Higashiguchi, Working group: G Baptista, R Barazzoni, R Blaauw, AJS Coats, A Crivelli, DC Evans, L Gramlich, V Fuchs, H Keller, L Llido, A Malone, KM Mogensen, JE Morley, M Muscantoli, I Nyulasi, M Pirlich, V Pisprasert, MAE de van der Schueren, S Siltham, P Singer, K Tappenden, N Velasco, D Waitzberg, P Yamwong, J Yu


The Global Leadership Initiative on Malnutrition (GLIM) is focused on building a global consensus around core diagnostic criteria for malnutrition in adults in clinical settings. In 2018, the GLIM leadership committee and working group published consensus recommendations for a two-step approach to malnutrition diagnosis. Read the complete GLIM consensus statement here.

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